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From the 1980s onwards there were many predictions that millions of people would be working from home by the 2000s. As we know, this never really came to fruition, not that is, until 2020!

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic many people found themselves working from home. It quickly became apparent that home working works for many employees and employers. The technology is there to facilitate this and there are enormous benefits to this way of working.

For employees there is the opportunity for a better work/life balance, and a reduction in the stress and cost of commuting, and for employers there is potential to reduce costs such as office space, energy bills and even tea and coffee!

Working remotely isn’t for everyone and that’s where we come in. We can help to find the right people, with the right aptitude to work for your organisation, remotely. Recruit North Ltd can help employers unlock more talent by being more remote-friendly.


Home working works


  • Research has shown that remote working increases performance. A study from Gallup shows that optimum employee engagement occurs when they spend between 60% and 80% of time working remotely. Highly engaged workplaces see 21% higher profitability and 40% fewer quality defects.
  • Less commuting means happier employees (not to mention cost-saving to them). According to a Lloyds Bank study, the average worker spends £37,399 over their lifetime on commuting.
  • Can reduce staff turnover. Owl Labs’ 2017 State of Remote Work report found that companies that support remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than companies that don’t.

Remote and home working jobs and careers

We can assist employers to find and recruit remote workers (home workers) across a wide range of employment sectors which include;



Accountancy and Finance

Financial controllers, accountants, payroll managers, credit controllers, auditors, bookkeepers and more

Business and Office Staff

Secretaries, HR managers, buyers, customer service executives, administrators, team leaders and more

Marketing and Digital

Marketing managers, web designers, graphic designers, creative directors, digital marketers and more →

Sales and Retail

Sales managers, retail managers, account executives, sales consultants, telesales executives and more →

Technology and IT

Developers, infrastructure managers, network administrators, business analysts, help desk and more →

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