We do not accept zero-hour contract jobs!

At Recruit North we love helping our employer clients to find the right person (or people) to join their business or organisation, but we take seriously our commitment to the candidates we represent too!

When you contact us for help with your recruitment, one of the first questions we will ask you is “what are the contractual hours”?

As a rule of thumb, we regard 29 hours or less as part time employment and 30 hours or more as full-time employment. If the position offered is on zero hours contract, we will be unable to help you (and we make no apologies for this).

Unpaid Work Trials

Many businesses offer trial shifts as part of the recruitment process. Trial shifts are an effective recruitment tool for employers and also give candidates the best insight into what the job involves and how it would feel to work for your business.

Now we do not want to sound hoity-toity, but we also do not accept job vacancies where unpaid work trials form part of the recruitment process. If someone works for you (even on a trial basis) you should pay for their time and labour (that is our view and one, we feel strongly about).

There is also the risk to your business that the candidate could take you to an employment tribunal for unpaid wages or report you to HMRC for breach of the National Minimum Wage regulations.

Employer Checks

Once we have taken your vacancy, we verify your business online (with the likes of Companies House) and we conduct a business credit check. We do this to ensure that your company actually exists! This is to help us ensure the safety of our candidates and protect both them and us from job frauds.

We passionately believe that the relationship between an employer and an employee is a partnership and there should be fairness and mutual respect.

All parties, in our experience, benefit from this approach, careers blossom and businesses grow!

We may be a small business, but we take seriously our responsibilities to ensure that workers are not exploited in any form.

Many recruiters would not publicly publish such a post as this for fear of missing out on potential sales opportunities. We don’t care about that, people matter more than profit as far as we are concerned!

People matter to us!

Paul Murphy, Recruit North Ltd

The Author

Paul Murphy is the owner and founder of Recruit North Ltd and he provides niche specialist recruitment services across Cumbria, the Lake District, Lancashire and beyond

Paul has worked in the recruitment industry since 1983 and prior to setting up his own recruitment agency, in Cumbria and Lancashire, he held management positions with some of the largest and most successful recruiters in the world including; Brook Street Bureau PLC, Pertemps Group PLC, Kelly Services inc and Alfred Marks Bureau (now called Adecco).