Adzuna – Job market report December 2019

The job market remains sluggish as we approach the end of the year. Job vacancies remain below one million for the third month in a row, as job vacancies record an 11.1% annual drop. While we expect to see a slump in vacancies as we enter the typically quiet winter period, the sustained drop in advertised vacancies sparks concern for the job market.

The downfall in vacancies is prominent across the UK and has hit Northern Ireland the hardest this month. Despite unemployment levels hitting record lows, Northern Ireland is the biggest casualty in the job market with a 29% drop in vacancies. This is not expected to recover immediately as Brexit uncertainty continues to unsettle the region. The North East and the East also see a significant downfall in vacancies (-19.6% and -14.9% respectively). The typically resilient Yorkshire and Humber also records a 4% decline in vacancies this month.

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