Modern slavery: A briefing for the hospitality industry

Modern slavery can take many forms including the trafficking of people, forced labour, servitude and slavery.

Recent statistics show that 47% of all potential victims who cite the UK as the location of exploitation, were trafficked into forced labour.

Traffickers and unscrupulous recruitment agencies target a range of industries including those involved in hospitality.

Click the link below to download the briefing for the hospitality industry:

Modern slavery: A briefing for the hospitality industry (Click to download)

You may also wish to download the “Five questions for hotel workers” which is in ten different languages, for your staff noticeboard. The poster helps workers understand their rights and links them to sources of further help and guidance.

Five questions for hotel workers (Click to download staff room poster)

The hospitality industry along with many other sectors finds itself subject to increased media and civil society scrutiny. For a customer facing business it is vitally important that the reputation of UK hotels is maintained both with the general public and national and local government. Ensuring best practice with regard to recruitment and employment of staff and agency workers can help deliver a sustainable future for the industry

GLAA Modern Slavery (Video)

Modern slavery is hidden in every city across the UK, in many businesses. Could you spot the signs?


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